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Pleroma Designs, is an interactive multi-media company

specializing in Graphic and Website Design with marketing in mind. We also specialize in Database Management, CMS (Content Management Systems – WordPress), Online Ad Campaign Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Location/Geo Marketing, General Overall Marketing services, Printing and Website Hosting. Superior, responsive customer service and our ability to work with our clients to meet their interactive needs is the key to our success.

What separates Pleroma Designs,  from our competition, our great customer services and response time (you won’t wait 2 weeks to hear back from us), our quick turn around time and an honest/no nonsense approach to all of our projects. We are also more reasonable when it comes to our pricing and more affordable than most legitimate graphic design, website development and marketing firms. While we are not the cheapest provider out there, our work is top notch for a middle of the road, no hidden fees pricing structure.

Jose Guillen Jr.
Jose Guillen Jr.Media Director
Graphic Design 99%
Web Design 99%
Photography 95%
Videography 93%
Live Sound 99%


This is Jose Guillen, owner of Pleroma Design For 7 years I have had the pleasure of running my design and development company. Over the years we have morphed into a complete One Stop solution for your design, web and marketing needs.  I have the pleasure of having a great team of folks who are experts in the fields of graphic art, website development and marketing.

We look forward to hearing from you should you be interested in any of our services. We also look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations regarding any graphic design, website design, marketing or other need you might have.

Jose Guillen
Pleroma Design

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